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Campaigning for change

We can make a difference by campaigning on the issues that relate to our business. Here, we explore our key priority 'campaigns', and show how they affect our business and the people we touch.

What mattered to you in 2012?

This is what the majority of you have said in last year’s survey

82% of you said long term care is the financial responsibility of the government and the consumer
79 % of you said property development companies do not do enough to support local communities
78% of you expect to enjoy a 10 - 30 year retirement after finishing work
66% of you know where own pension is ultimately invested
60% of you said that older people are not represented enough in government decision making
45% of you think financial education should start at GCSE age
45% of you said your own savings were being relied upon for at least 4 other people in your family
43% of you think government is ultimately responsible for flood defences around the UK

This information has been very useful in the development of our campaigns in 2013. Thanks.

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