Industry and regulatory consultations.

Our key engagements

We believe that positive change can be brought about by responding directly to industry and regulatory consultations. This means we can voice our views in a constructive way, which can help shape corporate practices and prove beneficial to all companies and, consequently, to investors. Below is a list of consultations that we responded to in 2012:

  • Financial Reporting Council (FRC) – proposals for reform; draft plan and budget; and revisions to the stewardship code, ISAs and guidance on audit committees
  • Ministry of Justice Japan
  • HM Treasury – disclosure in the banking sector
  • Financial Services Authority (FSA) Consultation on UKLA
  • Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) – enhanced shareholder voting rights; directors’ pay: revised remuneration reporting regulations and the future of narrative reporting
  • The Kay Review – interim report response
  • European Union - Gender imbalance on corporate boards
  • Treasury Select Committee consultation on corporate governance
  • ESMA – proxy advisory industry
  • Canadian securities administration proxy advisers
  • ACGA/HK stock exchange
  • ICSA consultation on engagement.

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