Looking forward.

Environmental, social and governance integration

Whilst ESG topics can be looked at individually, we are increasingly focusing our effort on ‘integration’. That means we may look at environmental issues with their social implications, link sustainability issues with governance structures and address how all such issues are integrated into the general investment dialogues with companies. Simply put, any issue that can affect a company’s long-term valuation

Our key focuses for 2013 are to proactively lead shareholder activism in the following areas:

  • ensuring corporate restraint and better alignment with shareholders on executive pay across UK Plc
  • improving gender diversity in UK boardrooms especially in mid-cap listed companies
  • US engagement – with focus currently on the technology sector on issues such as human rights in the supply chain and political spending
  • better board independence on Japanese listed companies
  • better UK reporting standards for shareholders and more concise and clearer disclosures
  • raising the issue of increasing auditor independence for UK Plc
  • the sustainability issues impacting UK listed mining companies
  • improve environmental and social standards and decision-making across investee companies.

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