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We continue to campaign about emerging issues, alerting consumers to trends that may lead to them being under or uninsured. Life and circumstances change and we see a real role for us to understand the emerging issues that matter.

We are particularly proud of a number of our campaigns in 2012. Which include:

Digital criminal 2012: CyberSafety campaign

Our work to highlight the best ways to help our customers use social media without putting themselves or their properties at risk continues. Since our first ‘Digital criminal report’ in 2009, our use of social media sites has grown. Four in five (80%) of UK internet users are on at least one social network, and 40% are on two or more social networks. We are all becoming savvier, but the nature of the dangers social media users face are changing. And changing fast.

Digital criminal 2012: CyberSafety’ launched in March 2012 and reveals new dangers presented by digital criminals and emphasises a need for consumers to do more to protect themselves when using these social media sites. Research found that over 91% of Brits using social media at least once a week have been asked to connect online with someone they have never met and over half (51%) accepted these requests. Burglars are exploiting the trusting attitude of social media users and are creating networks of fake profiles to engineer a set of mutual friends, to target individuals and their homes. The emerging trend of ‘face-bragging’ is putting people at risk by blurring the lines between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’ online.

Our campaign featured infographics (key facts from our research) for social media and web sites a video for our consumer websites and a Twitter feed @landg_insurance.

Read more about it in What´s your online footprint

Home care and repair campaign

In May 2012, Legal & General Insurance, working with Anna Ryder Richardson, home maintenance expert, launched a ‘Home care and repair’ campaign to help consumers understand what is covered by their insurance policy. The campaign highlights how more women are taking responsibility for the traditional ‘man’s job’ of home maintenance.

HandyMandys’ are women competent in DIY tasks and who are redefining the traditional household role by taking on the responsibility for home maintenance. Over three quarters (78%) of Brits agree that more women are now taking responsibility for this conventionally ‘male’ role than they did twenty years ago.

The report reveals that the younger generations and Londoners are particularly lacking in home maintenance skills. We are encouraging people to download and review the home maintenance checklist ‘Check it; spot it; fix it’ that we’ve prepared as part of the report.

Anna Ryder Richardson appeared on ITV’s Loose Women to talk about our campaign. Our campaign also featured in The Independent, London: The News and a variety of insurance industry magazines and online.

Our media campaign had the opportunity to reach over 37 million consumers across the UK.

Understanding what our home insurance policy covers

Digital communities campaign

In November 2012, Legal & General Insurance launched our Digital Communities campaign. Our research highlighted the rise of virtual neighbourhoods, as Brits alert each other to local crime using email, Twitter, Facebook and enewsletters to share information and monitor crime.

An ebooklet, produced for the campaign, provides tips on how more people may be involved and start their own virtual neighbourhood as well as more traditional safety and security tips to protect themselves, their homes and possessions as well as their local community.

A free to download iPhone app has also been produced to support the campaign and allows you to check the crime statistics for any location in England and Wales, compare various areas and view insightful hints and tips to keep your property safe and secure. The app uses publicly licensed Police.ac.uk information.

Jacqui Hames, a former Crimewatch presenter and police detective for 30 years, helped support the campaign and was interviewed on ITV1’s Daybreak programme.

Our media campaign had the opportunity to reach over 69 million consumers across the UK.

Communities go digital to help prevent crime

The interactive house

In June 2012, Legal & General’s General Insurance business developed an interactive house to help improve customer and consumers’ general understanding of the home insurance cover options available to them. This will enable them to make informed decisions on the level of home insurance cover for them. Recent research conducted as part of our home care and repair report highlighted that less than a quarter of those surveyed said they were clear on what is and isn’t covered under their home contents insurance cover. Only a fifth were clear on what their buildings insurance covered. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding means that some customers can be confused and potentially disappointed if they make a claim under their policy, which may then be turned down.

Users can move through the 3D interactive house and, by clicking on the special icons displayed in rooms throughout the property and in the surrounding grounds, are able to see details on the different home insurance cover options available and read hints and tips to help them protect their home. They can also see what is and isn’t covered under an insurance policy. Our existing customers just need to enter the first few digits of their home insurance policy number and the interactive house will then display key information lifted from the customer’s home insurance policy, excluding add-ons to the policy. General consumers can also access the house for information and advice about home insurance cover.

Since its launch, the interactive house has had more than 2,600 unique visitors.

Take a look at the interactive house.


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