Looking forward in Housing.

Home ownership is still fundamental to the UK marketplace and to society as a whole. So we’ll be continuing to support, challenge and drive the UK’s housing agenda.

  • We will be working with Shelter on a housing products project which will form part of Shelter’s strategy to increase the political traction of housing by 2015. We want to consider new financial and tenure models of housing that can help those on low incomes as well as appeal to the aspirations of the ‘squeezed middle’.
  • We will continue to look for opportunities to innovate our products and services to stimulate the availability of housing. In early 2013 we have just announced that we have brought our first Housebuilder to stimulate the housing market. Read more about L&Gs first direct investment - CALA.
  • Our home insurance business has new campaigning relationships in 2013. We have begun working with the RNLI and Association of British insurers (ABI) to understand the true impact of flooding in the UK and the impact of the government’s schemes to address this. We are providing training for front line home insurance employees at the RNLI’s flood training centre so that they can better understand and empathise with our customers about what it’s really like to be affected by a flood.
  • We will be working as part of our wellbeing programmes to understand some of the housing pressures that our employees face as its an area that we need to better understand.

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