Vertical rush 2012.

Climbing Tower 42 and singing for homelessness

Over 120 employees from our Kingswood and Coleman Street offices, took on the challenge of Shelter’s award winning event Vertical Rush. The brave and courageous raced 600ft to the top of Tower 42 in the city of London, to raise money for Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.

We’ve been working with Shelter for over three years, raising awareness with both employees and business partners about the devastating human impact of housing need, and raising money for homeless and badly housed people. In 2012 we were proud to enter 24 teams in the event, the most of any company involved.

Climbing tower 42, Legal & General team (photo)

Our Team - before the event!

Huge congratulations go to Andy Taylor, Project Manager, Protection, who was the fastest employee to reach the top of the 920 steps, in a record time of four minutes and 57 seconds. Andy, a keen runner, said, " I did it last year and found it really tough as I set off too quickly. This year I made sure to pace myself better, taking the stairs two at a time to start with and only running the last part."

The fastest team overall was the Property team, ‘The Breeds boys’, who completed the challenge in six minutes and 55 seconds. They were Will Kelly, Charlie Tweddle, Derek Gilby and Adam Kerr.

Duncan Crocker MD, Legal & General Network also completed the challenge in 12 minutes and 40 seconds. Duncan who recently had a foot operation, but still determined to take part, said, " It was hard but very fulfilling, my mum is very proud of me!"

Closely following Andy were Will Kelly in a time of five minutes 48 seconds, Tom Gough in five minutes and 58 seconds, David Tyler in six minutes Martin Earle in six minutes and six seconds and Charlie Tweddle in six minutes and 23 seconds.

The ladies were equally strong with the top five including Louise Tufnell in seven minutes 27 seconds, Beth Wernham-Kemp in,Sarah Peasey in, Miranda Smith in and Michelle Daracotte in eight minutes and 16 seconds. Team Shelter raised over £18,000 from this event alone.


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