Celebrating later life.

Working with the Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC)

We continue to support the Elderly Accommodation Counsel’s ‘Housing for Older People Awards’ which are designed to help residents of retirement housing to independently rank how their landlords support and provide for them.

The 2012 awards were voted by 2847 residents from 300 different housing schemes, a remarkable success given that for the first time in 3 years the nomination packs had to be purchased. We sould like to thank all the housing providers and scheme managers who made this possible.

Over 9000 residents played a simple card game to rate and rank their houisng provider. You can read more about the awards here:

Housing Care: National Housing for Older People Awards 2013 combined with Resident Consultation Service (RCS)

Housing Care: Play your cards right (PDF)

Celebrations took place at our Coleman Street office in London on 21 May 2012 and started with several topical presentations which included:

  • Joseph Lu of Legal & General delivering the first EAC’s annual lecture, on longevity and risk.
  • Roger Wilshaw gave us his insight as deputy director, Homeless and Support at DCLG.
  • A high profile discussion panel included, Lord Best, Chair of HAPPI, and Domini Gunn, Director of Public Health, CIH.

The 30 winning housing schemes sent their representatives from all over the UK to receive their prizes.

Insights for employees on retirement CHALLENGES

The EAC team have also provided valuable training and understanding for our employees called ’In the Family – Anticipating Needs and Aspirations in Later Life’. This helps our employees to understand the challenges they may face as the children of ageing parents when looking at retirement housing needs and options for their loved ones.

We’ve jointly worked together to research the needs of older people when they select their annuity provider. The housing options for older people (HOOP) was re-launched in 2012 and provides valuable insights into the ways that over 55s are living their lives.

EAC and its partners have also provided some valuable insights into the long-term needs in retirement housing to our Home Insurance, Commercial Property and Mortgage Club businesses.



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