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Our view on long term care

We are pleased the government has decided to move forward with Andrew Dilnot’s proposals. Public-private risk-sharing offers the best chance of progress for an issue which will be with us for many decades to come.

"As to pension-related things, our view is that care in older age should be thought of as part of the ageing process. It should be tackled in the same way that we tackle all the other financial consequences of growing older. At the moment we cannot do that because there is nothing to grasp on to. Our own conversations with the financial services sector have been very encouraging. We spoke throughout the term of our commission to many representatives of the sector. At the launch of our report, the Chairman of the Association of British Insurers, the industry body, who is also the chief executive of Legal & General, said that, as an industry, they are ready to provide innovative solutions for funding long term care. He said, ’What we need going forward is a clear, stable framework.’ This report offers hope of just such a framework, agreed between government, the insurance industry and care providers.”

Andrew Dilnot at the Dilnot Review

We have provided a number of comments on Dilnot with stakeholders, including:

    There is a lot of detailed work now needed by both government and industry to get this to the next stage and explore whether the answer to helping customers in relation to long term care to save for it or insure against it.


We will continue to bring in expertise that helps us to understand one of the biggest social and economic challenges of our day. How do we ensure that everyone has as many choices in later life as in working life in order to maintain your dignity for as long as possible?. Only by working with organisations that understand these trends can we develop products and solutions to help a trend, which is inevitable for most of us.


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