Social investments marketplace.

Our view on market direction

What we have learnt from our work with debt agencies, credit unions and social investment organisations is that it’s not just practical marketing support they need to grow to attract more customers.

They also need underlying capital for the medium-term to scale up their work. The question in our mind is whether some well-designed financial services products in the retail side of our business could help achieve this.

We are currently considering a number of options to see how we could innovate with some of our products to provide underlying investments, directly or indirectly into these sorts of organisations.

Structured products



2% of your investment goes into an existing social investment vehicle

Use credit unions as a deposit option on platforms

Create sector specific social investment funds

Charity bank or similar is used as a counterparty

Use local credit unions for maturities

Create a diversified portfolio of social investment funds

We are partnering with a number of socil banking organisations to see how we could do this to provide much needed scale and working capital to the social investment marketplace.

2013 will see us conduct joint research with CAF Bank / CAF Venturesome on the role that major corporates can play in the future of the social investment market.


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