Chairman's Community awards.

the 2012 Community Awards hosted by our chairman John Stewart

Each year our employees are asked to nominate their peers who they believe have made a difference in their local community. There are six award categories and employees stories will be an inspiration for others to follow, helping to bring Every Day Matters to life.

For the first time, this year’s shortlist included employees from the UK and the US, and we invited our colleagues in France and the Netherlands to take part in the voting process - resulting in over 5,000 votes.

The winners were announced on Wednesday 23 January, at the awards ceremony in Coleman Street. Helping to present the awards were last years winners Richard McKenna and Kelly Kilpin.

Each vote was converted to £1 and raised over £5,000 for charity. This was divided between WWF and Cancer Research UK. Each of the winners receives a £500 for their charity and all finalists receive a £50 for their charity. In total over £10,000 has been raised for a number of various charities.

The winners

Charity ambassadors

Winner Lin Abel with 30% of employee votes

Lin Abel (photo)

Each Wednesday after work, Lin volunteers at the Martlets Hospice, who must raise £9,000 a day to survive. Lin is passionate about raising funds and highlighting the difficulties faced by the charity. Having had cancer herself, Lin supports the CTRT charity. They fund research into identifying genetic fingerprints that determines the type of cancer and the most effective treatment.

Finalists: Rebecca Young, Nicola May, Karen Sherville, Jacqui Hamlin and David Miller

Charity fundraisers

Winner - Peter Graham with 34% of employee votes

Peter Graham (photo)

Peter in September raised over £13,000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity by cycling from Surrey to Paris (with a team of supporters). This would be a feat enough. However, what makes an even more amazing achievement is that Peter was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2011.

He then under went intensive cancer treatment over more than six months which took a high physical toll. Fortunately, Peter has now returned to work and in gratitude to the care he had received from the Royal Marsden, Peter decided to set himself this challenge.

Finalists: Mel Matten, Dennis D’Souza, Danny Wynn and Julie Hallett

Charity champions

Winner - Erika Percy with 34% of employee votes

Erika Percy (photo)

Erika’s husband passed away in June after a long illness aged just 44. Before his death, Jim started a charity raffle in aid of the Martlets Hospice. He’d vowed to raise £10,000 for the hospice, where he’d assumed he would spend his final days. Sadly he passed away in hospital before the raffle could be fully arranged. Erika took on the mantle of completing the raffle arrangements. With the help of friends and family, she ensured prizes were donated and tickets sold. After organising a number of events Jim’s £10,000 target was reached.

Finalists: Tom Ground, Laura Thomas, Bruce Warman, Erifi Marinopoulou and Andrew Hayward

Community spirit

Winner - David Bachelor with 27% of employee votes

David Bachelor

Dave has worked on a voluntary basis for the Samaritans for the last five years. He is committed to providing 15 hours a month of his own time, during which he will answer calls in the Samaritans call centre.

This involves taking calls from people with a wide range of personal issues, who generally are going through difficult times and in need of help. The call centre operates 24/7 and this means that some of Dave’s shifts can be overnight.

Finalists: Tom Kenny, Edward Reardon-Smith, Pete Gladwell and Douglas Lloyd

Inspiring young people

Winner - Pete Naylor with 29% of employee votes

Pete Naylor (photo)

Peter is a member of the charity, Asthma UK . This year he decided to get more involved on a voluntary basis after suffering a terrifying asthma attack, which resulted in him having to be resuscitated in casualty. After two weeks in intensive care, he made a speedy recovery and felt it would be very important to raise awareness about how serious asthma is.

He now regularly takes part in sport, proving the condition can be managed. He visits schools, colleges, health centers, hospitals and numerous other organisations to raise awareness about asthma and the work of the charity, including the Houses of Parliament. As well as fundraising for the charity.

Finalists: Michael Carter, Karen Fuge, Ian Woods and Jo Harding

US community champions

Winner - Norma Leighton with 42% of employee votes

Norma Leighton (photo)

Norma volunteers her services to her community in Prince George’s County, Maryland. One a month, she takes a vacation day and serves as a coordinator for a very important event sponsored by the St Christopher Episcopal Church. Norma and a small group of volunteers prepare a hot lunch for approximately 110 homeless and needy citizens. She also funds a shower kit for each of her guests.

Finalists: Jeannie Schneider and Leander Grey

Lifetime achievement awards

This year the community team nominated two people for a special award. Dawn Watkins (Hove) and John Hillman (Kingswood) were congratulated for their continued contribution to their community and Legal & General core volunteering program’s over the years.


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