Community programmes.

when community programmes work best

We have a number of community programmes, which we are particularly proud of. We believe good community programmes tend to have the following attributes:

  • Issues that we know matter to employees where they live and work
  • Projects that recognise us as a good neighbour where we operate
  • Involve external partners and other companies in our locations
  • Can report on the impact that we have made together.

    volunteering with purpose and passion

    When it comes to the 1,700 days of volunteering that our employees have been involved with, we have seen that the most effective volunteering happens when there are a combination of factors including:
  • Gritty, real issues we need to understand as a business – Every Day Matters
  • Employees working together with each other, business and community partners
  • Feedback for the individual to use in their performance review from the organisation they have helped.

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