Legal & General school governor programme.

We actively encourage our employees to volunteer as school governors. We feel this is one of the best ways an employer can help education in their community. The aim is to encourage people with transferable skills to volunteer.

With the help of the ‘The School Governors’ One-Stop Shop (SGOSS)’, a registered charity dedicated to recruiting skilled governors across England, we have placed a number of employees in vacant governor posts. In Wales we have worked with the local authority in the employees area to help find any vacancies.

Within the scheme we are able to ask questions of other school governors and share any ideas and best practice. We also offer a grant of £750 for each school we have a employee on their board of governors.

In 2012 we had 70 employees representing 71 schools. In some cases we have two to three governors at one school and employees representing two different schools. In total we have provided grants totalling £52,000 for these schools to use for a specific math programme.

Our employees comments on the scheme:

  • I‘m proud to be a school governor as it’s fantastic way to make a real positive difference to both the school, the pupils and the local community. The support Legal & General offered made an enormous difference to my school with funds invested in supporting numeracy, literacy and other added value school activities. I‘d strongly recommend the role of school governor to anyone wanting to help a school improve the lives of the people that really matter - its pupils.” - Graeme Findlay (Birmingham)
  • “Supporting me to leave work early occasionally to make meetings means I am able to offer my professional HR expertise to a college that employs 100s of staff. The college really appreciates people with different skill sets and view points. It makes the governance of the college better and college more effective.” - Neil Perry (London)
  • “The very generous incentives offered by Legal & General have enabled the school that I work with to benefit from education programmes that would otherwise have been financially out of reach. As a direct result, the school has managed to further increase pupil enthusiasm for learning, particularly around mathematics. The school governor programme really helped me to make the decision to get involved with a local school. The experience, skills and training that I have gained from being a governor have been extremely valuable in my job and as a more general life skill.” - Ian Long (Suffolk Life)
  • "The governor’s programme has been key in allowing Legal & General’s Central Saint Giles property development to support the local St Joseph’s primary school who have benefited from team members expertise in a number of areas." Simon Wilkes (Legal & General Property)
  • "I see the school governor programme as a very real outworking of ‘Every Day Matters’, allowing me to get involved with my local community and to join in taking collective responsibility for such an important part of everyday life. In my three years as a governor at our large local primary school, I have been able to regularly use my experience and work skills in diverse ways but I also find I am continually learning too. I am now the chair of our governing body and I find ‘putting something back in’ with Legal & General’s support is greatly rewarding." Simon Pardoe, (Kingswood)

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