Community targets.

What we delivered

In 2012 we set a number of community targets for our business. The table below shows how we did.

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What we set out to do

What we achieved

Continue to invest at least £2.5 million into the third sector as a result of employees, business and community activities.

£3.8 million invested in third sector / not for profits in UK, US, Netherlands and France

In 2012 continue to provide at least 1,000 working days of volunteering across the Group from our employees and business partners that also helps employees to evidence the ’taking a wider interest’ behaviour.

The community team delivered 1,718 volunteering days in 2012

This represents 23% of the workforce compared to 18% in 2011

By 2013 create a ’gearing up for work” programme which provides 200 people looking to access work with a chance to be given valuable mentoring and employment experience within Legal & General Group Plc.

The ‘step up for success’ programme delivered in Kingswood and Cardiff in July 2012 for 60 young people.

14 of our mentors were involved and delivered a Legal & General level two qualification award. This programme has been fed back on by the Work Foundation, IPPR, CIPD and Education and Employers Network.

25 members of the Warrior programme came through our business in 2012.

10 work placements through Blind in Business and Action for Hearing Loss (LGIM and Cardiff) in 2012

This has resulted in Remploy, Blind in Business and the Warrior programme now set up as are all now source agencies when we search externally for permanent roles.

Total delivered in 2012 is 95 people.

For 2013 we have plans to deliver the remainder of the work including:

  • Further Warrior programmes for ex armed force rehabilitation for approximately 50 people
  • We also have 3 ‘step up for success’ in 2013 involving 90 young people with the research themes of ‘digital’ and the ‘next generation of shareholders’.
With these efforts we will have delivered approximately 245 ‘gearing up for work places’ by the end of 2013.


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