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"We know that to deliver our vision of being the outstanding risk, savings and investment management group we need the best solutions, the best service and, crucially, the very best people."

Elaine Maclean. Group HR Director


During 2012 we focused on a number of programmes designed to support and develop our employees and further integrate Every Day Matters across the business. A key part of that has been ensuring that all staff know our brand, our strategic objectives and - most importantly - understand their role in delivering it for our customers.

To do this, we embarked on an ambitious employee engagement programme - the biggest of its kind we've ever undertaken. Across our seven main UK sites and involving over 7,000 employees, we brought people and ideas together to put the customer at the very heart of our business.

People Power - Employee Engagement in 2012

During 2012 we conducted our most ambitious ever employee engagement programme. It’s our purpose was to ensure every single employee was engaged with brand. That meant knowing our strategic objectives inside out understanding and empathising with our customers and appreciating the crucial role they play in our success - a role that makes a world of difference for our customers.

Chapter one

Chapter One was an insight into our business - it’s history, heritage and the dramatic effect it’s had on generations of people for over 175 years. Most of all, however, Chapter One focused on the people that we have the greatest affect on - our customers.Through case studies, examples and insights from people around our business we shared how the things we do every day affect each other, our customers, our intermediaries and our investors.

“No two people’s lives are ever quite the same. But one thing’s for sure – every single one of us will experience life’s ups and downs along the way. And, every day we all make choices and decisions about our future that can have profound consequences. Which is why, every day, we help our customers and colleagues deal with their ups and downs.”

Chapter one formed part of our ongoing brand roll out. The brand communications programme is structured to inform employees about the Group’s objectives and aims, our customers and our important role in society.

Download (Download PDF:) Chapter One here

Chapter two

Chapter Two of our brand communications programme was about one thing: people. And specifically the people that make our business possible. Whether it’s the person taking a call from a customer, making a daily trade to the person working to ensure our IT infrastructure is running smoothly or the person ensuring the canteen is open on time, people matter.

Chapter two focused on the people in our organisation - those who work so hard to deliver so much to our customers every day. As well as recognising employees and communicating the importance of performance, we also reinforced our brand behaviours.

Download (Download PDF:) Chapter Two here

One Day

12.09.12 was the day when we explored how our people live and breathe Every Day Matters and help people achieve financial security. On that day everyone within our business took the time to carefully consider how the things they did made an impact on their colleagues, our business and our customers.

On ‘One Day’ we brought our entire business together. We wanted to recognise that everyone in our business and everything they do affects our customers, directly and indirectly. Some people may think that what they do day in, day out doesn't make a difference. We know it does. One Day was our chance to show everyone in our business just how critical they are.

We learnt a lot about what Every Day Matters means to our employees which you can see in this video.

You can download a (Download PDF:) summary of ONE DAY here

Our Six Behaviours

In 2011, we made a commitment to ensure everyone at Legal & General is fully aware of the key behaviours designed to make our brand a success. The behaviours are there to ensure our brand is delivered consistently across our business and through our diverse distribution channels. When used effectively they mean every customer, at every single touch point, will get a recognisably ‘Legal & General’ experience.

The behaviours are there to support our employees and give them the confidence to perform at the highest standards. They are relevant for everyone at Legal & General - in every business area and every role.

You can download our (Download PDF:) Behaviours booklet here


Last year we achieved a lot - and the positive results of our investment in our brand, behaviours and people programmes speak for themselves through improved participation and positivity in our engagement surveys.

By delivering a comprehensive, compelling series of communications throughout 2012, we’ve been able to engage each and every employee across our business. We’ve been able to reinforce the unifying objectives of our business, share our brand and communicate in detail the behaviours that will help drive our business forward and successfully deliver our vision of becoming the outstanding risk, savings and investment management group.

In 2013 we’ll be continuing that impressive momentum. We’ll be focusing on employees’ development in greater detail through a series of new initiatives designed to complement and reinforce our work to date.

In particular, our commitment to our employees will see us launch an improved ‘Wellbeing’ programme that empowers people to make proactive choices regarding their health, money and work/life balance, including charitable work and donations.

We’ll also continue to communicate and develop our brand internally, strengthening our ability to deliver for our customers, intermediaries and investors.


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