Employee volunteering.

Developing our employees

Employee volunteering within the business has grown hugely. 23% of our workforce now volunteer as part of their work in the UK business and our overseas teams are following suit.

These could be anything from:

  • ’Micro volunteering’, through AGE UK’s befriending scheme
  • A day’s volunteering on ‘Money Money Money’
  • Step up for success, which is a week’s mentoring programme
  • Ongoing long-term commitment to a charity board through the SmaRT programme for senior executives.
    For our employee volunteering programmes we have defined what a ‘good’ programme looks like. It typically includes the following elements:
  • The organisation we are there to help gets the benefit it expected
  • It’s focused on gritty, real issues we need to understand as a business in line with our Every Day Matters approach
  • It involves employees working together with each other, business and community partners
  • Employees get individual feedback from the community partner for the individual to use in their performance review
  • We then take the learnings about the issue and apply it to our business to be more inclusive with our products and services.

As an organisation we set aside £250 per employee per day to develop in this way.

looking forward

In 2013 we are undertaking analysis that explores the correlation between employees that are community active and the resilience that this builds in their day jobs through their employee engagement scores in our employee survey. Watch this space!


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