where have we invested in 2012?

We continued to build our leadership academy with the aim of developing leaders with courage and ambition who engage others to exceed the expectations of our customers, every day.

Every day leadership’ is our foundation development programme which consists of a number of workshops and action learning. It introduces leaders to the essential skills of achieving high performance and developing others. To date, 328 managers have completed this modular programme and further 85 are currently in progress.

2012 saw the launch of three new offerings to support the development of our leaders across our business.

A leadership group mentoring programme

Thirty-eight of our leadership group volunteered as mentors over the summer and attended masterclasses in August and September. We then identified mentees following the talent reviews and they were invited to workshops in September. The output of both the masterclasses and the workshops were profiles which we then used to match mentors and mentees. The programme has now been launched with mentors and mentees working together across divisions (and in some cases across continents!).

Our expectation is that mentors and mentees alike will find the mentoring relationship a valuable experience, with learning to be gained for both parties. Ultimately, our aim is that mentoring cascades across the organisation and becomes an invaluable means of support for people in driving their own development.

A high performance leadership programme

This new programme was launched in November 2012 and is sponsored by Jim Islam, MD for Group Protection. It is designed for managers of managers and has the following learning objectives:

  • Achieving a deep understanding of yourself and your impact on others
  • Connecting you and your teams to our strategy and our customers through engagement and creating a sense of purpose
  • Increasing your impact and influence across your multi layered teams
  • Enhancing your ability to empower and coach individuals and teams for high performance
  • Identifying opportunities to role model the behaviours
  • Developing effective networking skills to influence and collaborate across the business.
    Eight cohorts of 12 people are planned for the next 12 months.

We have designed a set of supporting activities and conditions to engage and set up participants for maximum learning and success:

  • Webinars for participants and their line managers prior to the first event and to follow up the programme
  • Asking participants to create a personal leadership video journal which is a method of recording personal observation, reflection and learning
  • The use of actors to create demanding group and one to one practice sessions, and Forum Theatre sessions
  • Presentations and co-facilitation by our leaders to ensure engagement at a senior level and to keep the programme live and relevant
  • One-to-one coaching between and after the modules to ensure tailored development focus
  • Peer coaching and shadowing to encourage broader exposure to different parts of the business, to put coaching skills into practice and to provide an ongoing development opportunity.

The future leader programme

The aim of this programme is to prepare high potential grade six and seven employees for succession to executive director leadership group level roles.

The development strategy is to facilitate learning through work on real business issues. The programme is structured as follows:

  • There are 6 workshops over 12 months, and work by sub-teams between, which bring together our high performers with potential with senior executives to collaborate on the strategic priorities for the business
  • At the end of the year, the community will be assessed as a whole, and individually, in terms of level of business impact, as well as learning & growth demonstrated over the course of the programme
  • Group and individual coaching, mentoring/sponsorship and workshops will be used as catalysts to enhance learning and development.

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