Learning and development.

what's our approach?

Our approach to learning and development is to create a culture of continuous learning in which the talents of individuals are developed and focused to deliver a superior experience for our customers.

In order to achieve this we have partnered with QA who give our employees access to thousands of courses on subject areas including soft skills development, project management and IT training. We also work with a number of key suppliers who provide high quality training solutions that meet any additional needs, including areas such as financial professional qualifications and marketing.

Employees can book training courses through one helpdesk for which we have a dedicated resource. If employees are unsure on which course best meets their needs the helpdesk can also provide them with guidance to help identify the best solution. As well as being convenient for our employees, this also ensures that as a business we have a central view of our learning and development spend and who we are spending it with.

what's our impact?

In 2012 we invested £1.7m in employee development in the UK business. We have also seen increased investment in our US, Dutch and French businesses.

In 2012, 76% of UK employees agree that they have had the opportunity to learn and develop at work in our employee survey. This is our highest rate for 5 years. We saw similar levels of feedback from our employees in the US business.

You can read more in our employee data section.

Learning at the point of need

In 2012 we launched an online learning platform called ‘the learning hub’. This is a one-stop-shop for learning and development. It’s an easy to use site where all of our employees can access articles, workbooks, videos and podcasts, as well as the QA training catalogue, booking forms and information about our leadership academy.

The site also has a Personal development planning (PDP) tool to help individuals identify learning objectives and how they will be met. Managers can view and download their team’s PDPs as well as monitor their progress throughout the year and make any suggestions for additional learning/development opportunities that may be appropriate.


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