Our future focus.

So What challenges are we setting ourselves over the next three years?

This is what we will be campaigning for:



Campaign and produce market solutions which will enable access to Housing


Campaign and produce market solutions which will enable access to better Health choices


Campaign and produce market solutions which will enable improved Dignity in later Life








Increase the product inclusivity against UK population (Peter Graham)








Deliver 1750 working days of volunteering into communities to develop our employees
(Sara Heald)








Increase diversity of talent within the business and with investee companies
(Peter Graham - Equalities Chair)








Work with IMS Entreprendre pour la Cité to provide Financial Education programmes to young people via Legal & General France
(Nicolas Stachowiak)


Work with (VBDO) The Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) to build a sustainability strategy for Legal & General Netherlands
(M.Van Dame)


Improve the depth of relationships with NGO’s to improve our sustainable supply chain standards and Health campaigning in Legal & General America.
(Barb Esau)








Deliver a “Gearing up for Work” Programme to provide 200 people with access to work experience
(Sara Heald)








Continue to Invest at least £3m in “Not for Profits” Globally
(Sara Heald)








Improve the social and community impact of all property investment portfolios
(Bill Hughes)








Lead the retailisation of the Social Investment Market to give mainstream consumers in the UK access to this market
(John Godfrey)

These are the activities we will be doing to simply do business better:

Do business better in 2013



As an employer


As an investor


As a procurer

Reduce Group CO2 emissions
(Alex Wolny)


Reduce paper usage and increase online in UK business
(Alex Wolny)


Implement a wellbeing programme for employees which will increase employee resilience
(Elaine Maclean)


Hold at least 350 ESG meetings with UK plc of which 25% will be environmental or socially driven to improve standards and decision making.
(Sacha Sadan)


Ensure that 100% of key suppliers comply with our standards in the UK business
(Alex Wolny)










Reduce waste to landfill in the UK business
(Alex Wolny)


Reduce energy in the top 20 buildings in LGP
(Bill Hughes)


Embed the UN global compact principles into UK and subsidiary operations
(Elaine Maclean)


Proactively lead shareholder activism activities in the following five areas
Ensuring corporate restraint and better alignment with shareholders on executive pay across UK plc
1) Improving gender diversity in UK boardrooms especially in mid-cap listed companies
2) US engagement - with focus currently on the technology sector on issues such as human rights in the supply chain and political spending.
3) Better board independence on Japanese listed companies
4) Better UK reporting standards for shareholders.
5) Increasing auditor independence for UK plc.
6) Focussing on the sustainability issues impacting UK listed mining companies.
(Sacha Sadan)


Adopt the prompt payment code for small to medium sized enterprises in the UK business
(Alex Wolny)










Continue to build climate change resilient solutions for our clients


Improve the 86% of employees who think we run an ethical business in our employee survey
(GCRE committee shared target)


Adopt GRI reporting standards for the Legal & General Property portfolio
(Bill Hughes)




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