What analysts say about our business

Platinum Big Tick 2013 – Business in the community (logo)

There are also a number of external performance measures that we are rated against as a proxy for good ESG performance, and these are shown below.

We have been a Business in the Community (BITC) Platinum Rated company for the past three years. We were pleased to be awarded a Big Tick in 2013

Business in the Community: CR Index 2013 Company Rankings

FTSE4Good (logo)

We continue to be a long term member of the FTSE 4 Good index.

We are an active member of the UNPRI through Legal & General Investment Management

As of October 2012 we are now a UN Global Compact Signatory to recognise the increasing contribution and footprint of our overseas businesses.

See update number seven

We scored 82% in 2012 for our performance in the Goldman Sachs Sustain Index on ESG management in this index, which was joint first for the sector globally - See (Download PDF:) page 100 of the attached

We are still a component of the Dow Jones Sustainability index. (Download PDF:) The DJSI Score in 2012 is 73%. This is up from 71% in 2011 and 70% in 2010

Climatewise (logo)

As a founding member of the Climatewise network we continued to increase our performance against their six publicly reported principles. In 2012 (Download PDF:) we scored 100%, which is up from 99% in 2011.

We continue to be rated as a '(Download PDF:) Prime' stock by Oekom and ECPI in their investment universe.

What could we do better?

Looking through the areas that analysts highlighted during 2012 with us there are a number of important themes and performance improvements that we need to make:

(Download XLS:) Download Excel

What has been raised

Our response

Evidence of Board leadership of sustainability initiatives.

We do need to do more on this and have worked further with our executive committee on a full materiality analysis in 2013 to identify the areas that matter to them and the business in our campaign plans for 2013.

Increased gender diversity disclosure across the Group.

We have disclosed more of our work in this area in our employee section

Disclosure on regulator and market Iinteraction in more detail.

We have a public affairs policy where we highlight our main interactions with regulators and markets. If there are other details needed please ask. See our current approach

How do we integrate ESG considerations into the core design of products?

We understand that investors are looking for an indication for future value of our business and how we are future proofing our business. The idea of having a research and development report for our business is something we are considering.

Are you providing micro finance products for harder to reach parts of the market?

We have a UK micro finance solution we have developed with NESTA and CAF Bank a joint venture called SE-Assist to support social enterprises and are still inquisitive about the social investment market.

How are we making our products and service more inclusive?

We publish the inclusivity progress for our business against UK population in our market inclusiveness section. We have work to do and have set a public target around improving this in 2013 – 2016.


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