do our customers think we do business responsibly?

We also felt it was important that we understood what our retail customers thought about our performance as a business. We worked with Ipsos MORI’s Sustainable Business Monitor 2012 to get views from the British public and our customers.

It told us that:

(Download PDF:) Ipsos MORI Reputation Centre: Image Ratings in Detail

Customer themes are prominent in customers’ suggested improvements for us:

  • Better transparency and communication (to customers)
  • Demonstrate good treatment of customers
  • Show you are behaving ethically/ honestly.

Wider responsibility issues also emerge:

  • More environmentally friendly (especially using less paper)
  • Our weakest image ratings were ‘campaigning on the issues that matter to the UK society and economy’

We asked our customers what we could do to improve. This is what they said:

(Download PDF:) Ipsos MORI Reputation Centre: What should Legal & General do? 

How have we used this information?

This information has been used by the executive and Group CRE committee to set the campaigns, principles and targets for 2013 to 2015.

(Download PDF:) Ipsos MORI Reputation Centre: Methodology 


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