What do our employees think of our company?

Having employees who believe in what we do day-to-day and what we stand for is crucially important. With employees that back our company it means that they feel supported. We also believe that we need a healthy skepticism in our organisation to provide the ongoing questioning and challenging that ensures we do business in the right way.

Our Group-wide ‘What matters survey’ includes for the first time colleagues in our international divisions including LGIMA, Legal & General America and Legal & General France.

This survey is designed to be a good indicator of whether we have the moral backing of our employees to do business.

So what do the numbers say?

We had an 89% response rate from employees – with the highest ever employee engagement Index score.

  • Engaged employees . The Employee Engagement Index improved by five points to 78%. This is the highest engagement score since we started measuring engagement.
  • The Leadership Index also increased this year, by 4% to 72%, showing that we have confidence in both our managers and senior managers.
  • Strategic understanding. One great highlight is that 72% of you feel that our top management (the Group Board) is taking us in the right direction, which is a 9% improvement.
  • Our customers. The 2012 survey results tell us that we believe that we are being fair to our customers (+2% to 86%), that we offer our customers great products and services (+5% to 75%) and that we are putting the customer at the heart of what we do (+6% to 79%).
  • The results of the Every Day Matters questions show that 76% of you understand how Every Day Matters affects your day-to-day work. What’s more, 67% of you agree that actions are being taken in your team to ensure Every Day Matters.
  • An ethical company. The results show that we continue to believe we work for an ethical company and are clear as to what our role is in ensuring that the company is ethical. 75% of us agree that we make a positive difference to peoples’ lives – a stunning 17% improvement on last year’s 59%.

But where do we need to improve?

There was a decrease of 7% in the number who felt they had the resources (IT, facilities, people) needed to complete their work effectively. This dropped from 57% in 2011 to 49% in 2012, so this is a key area we will need to understand more about and spend time focusing on in 2013.

We also saw a drop in the answer to the question about recommending Legal & General as a great place to work, which was down 2% to 72%.

What does an ethical business really mean to our employees?

We have also taken the opportunity to dig deeper into areas of ethical performance. We have seen a consistent increase in the number of employees who think they work for an ethical business. But what about those that don’t? What do we need to do better?

In 2012 we provided a number of opportunities for employees to give their views on a number of topics in our major locations or online. The topics were:

  • Campaigns and products
  • Communities
  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Fairness and diversity.

So what did it tell us?

On the ethics spectrum it told us where our employees see us in relation to other companies.

Employees: We campaign for the issues that matter to Society and the Economy?

Employees: We campaign for the issues that matter to Society and the Economy? [Strongly Agree 14.56%; Agree 59.22%; Disagree 23.30%; Strongly Disagree 2.91%] (pie chart)

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When it comes to campaigning and sticking our neck out for the social and economic issues that matter to employees and customers, 73% felt that we campaign for the issues that matter to society and the economy. They saw this mainly through the issues that we back with our products, social investments and through LGIM’s corporate governance programme.

Colleague view: Legal & General is an ethical company.

Colleague view: Legal & General is an ethical company [Strongly agree 23.23%; Agree 71.61%; Disagree 4.52%; Strongly Disagree 0.65%]

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In terms of looking forward to 2013 and beyond, we asked our employees what we should be campaigning for. In balance there are a number of social issues that they felt should continue or improve through us doing business responsibly. Our employees worry about these issues of:

  • Unemployment and youth unemployment
  • Homelessness / first time buyers
  • Mental health
  • Financial education – ‘everything comes down to education’
  • Care for the elderly
  • Poverty alleviation in UK

We used this to inform our 2013 campaigns approach with our executive committee.


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