Measuring our impact.

Targeting improvements

On our 2012 ESG Targets we have made good progress in simply doing business better and also campaigning for the issues that matter.

Of the 21 targets we set for the Group we have made good progress on 17 areas with 4 areas needing to be brought back on track or in need of more time to implement them effectively

I’m particularly proud of the work in 2012 which has improved our work as: a major investor with a focus on corporate governance; a customer expecting high standards from our suppliers; an employer providing many opportunities for our employees to understand the issues that affect our customers; and as one of the largest commercial property landlords in the UK working with our tenants to improve the running of their businesses.

The areas that require further focus are: customer complaints; proving the positive social impact of our commercial property portfolio; maintaining vigilance over our own environmental performance as our business grows and ensuring that resources used in growing that business are used sparingly.

For further information see 2012 targets.


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