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How we deliver

Our ability to serve our customers and provide for them when they need us is the first responsibility we have before we do anything else as a business.

We perform four very simple, but very important functions each and every day:
  • To enable customers to save for a pension which will provide them with an income for life in retirement
  • To provide investment and savings products which allow individuals and families to plan for the future
  • To pay out valid claims when a customer becomes ill, is unable to work or dies
  • To pay out valid claims when a customer’s home and its contents are lost or damaged.

Our business is designed to reflect the risk, savings and investment needs of our customers at various key stages of their lives. We believe that our products provide benefits to our customers and to society as a whole.

Our customers benefit from dealing with a company that can understand their financial requirements. And there is also a public policy benefit. We provide an important social role through our products, which reduce the likelihood of people falling back on the State as a result of loss of income, homelessness or poverty in retirement.

Our Risk business helps protect customers against certain unforeseen events. Customers pay upfront premiums in return for insurance and protection products or buy annuities to provide a retirement income. We work hard to deliver on our promises and pay all eligible claims, helping individuals to cope with the financial consequences of events such as bereavement, illness, damage to property or outliving their savings in old age.

Our Savings business helps customers with financial planning, savings and investments. Customers invest money through unit trusts, ISAs, bonds, index trackers and pensions.

Our Investment Management business (LGIM) invests money on behalf of its clients and is the largest manager of UK sourced pension assets and one of the largest investors in the UK stock market.

Our International operations perform the same functions through our mature existing international businesses in the United States, France and the Netherlands, and joint ventures in selected emerging markets.


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