Looking forward.

Market priorities

We believe that saving and insurance can benefit everyone. For us there is a clear relationship between our products, state provision and the need for individuals to plan for their future and protect their families. We are continually challenging ourselves on the performance of those products.

For 2012 –2014 our Group Board strategy continues to drive our work to grow our business and the number of customers we are responsible for. Specifically we want to continue to:

  • develop a stronger dialogue with all customers (individuals, intermediaries and institutions)
  • build a strong social purpose and relevance to society with a focus on a broader demographic
  • build deeper customer relationships
  • continue to be a brand that people proudly recommend
  • continually improve the percentage of business from direct sales.

Doing business inclusively

Following on from our 2012 product performance, our Group Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Committee has set some performance improvement targets to ensure that our market inclusiveness improves for the UK Market.

See 2012 targets section for more details


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