Reaction from the media

The press has so far generated mostly positive comment and a lot of conversation in the market. All of this can only help build consumers’ knowledge and understanding of the changes now in place in the financial advice market.  And, for the success of the industry, it can only help build better engagement and trusting relationships with our customers.

Read some of the press comments so far:

The article said:

"Good news for Legal & General in the RDR scrum. With a 25% holding in platform Cofunds, as well as its own platform, Investor Portfolio Service, the company stands to do well in a new world where retail platforms look set to dominate. Legal & General has strong positions in both annuities and protection, areas that will be less impacted by the regulatory changes.

Investment market analysts at RBC Capital Markets said the fact that Legal & General is one of the few companies that is actively targeting the mass market, and has sole provider relationships with building societies, will stand it in good stead."


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