Our approach to influence and public affairs.

Why public affairs?

We operate in a highly regulated market. Both our customers and us are susceptible to the risks and challenges posed by changes in policy, regulation or tax. We therefore work closely with those involved in formulating public policy in the UK and, increasingly, in the EU and US markets. We focus on areas relevant to our business, and seek to provide leadership on broader societal and policy issues where we have particular expertise. These range from investment issues to changes in pension policy issues arising from increased longevity and related healthcare demands.

We’re also pleased to take counsel from organisations like Transparency Internationals' Corporate Supporters Network, Action Aid and the Profit through Ethics network to ensure fair practice in this area. 


We have a number of commercial areas where we need influence and contribute to the economic debate as a business. In particular:

  • in our interactions with regulators and government where we trade.
  • as a major investor
  • as a commercial property landlord
  • as a campaigner for savings, pensioner poverty, health and housing (see our campaigns section for further details).

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