Environmental impact.

Why it matters

We believe climate change is something that impacts the very core of what we do from annuites, life insurance, institutional investment, commercial property investment, savings and home insurance.

There has been lots of work across the Group in 2012 to help our customers cope with climate change through our products and services. We have been recognised as a leader in this field scoring 100% in the 2012 Climatewise Index.

Climate change

Climate change affects many parts of our business – from health to commercial property assets and our customers’ investment holdings. We know we need to adapt to the effects of climate change, both in developing products (including pricing and who we insure) and the services that we deliver to our customers.

We are on the managing committee of ClimateWise, the insurance sector collaboration, which gives us the chance to talk to policymakers about business, investment and climate change. This helps us to understand the latest issues, trends and developments.

You can read our (Download PDF:) latest ClimateWise report for more details.

The physical environment has a significant influence upon how we do business in two main ways:

  • How we provide our customers with products that mitigate climate related risks in the design of our products and services.
  • How we consider the use of natural resources to run our own business…

We are pleased to report that during 2012/13 there were no environmental incidents as a result of our operations.

Natural resources used to run our business

Traditionally we’ve collected our environmental data by calendar year, but because of new legislation we’ll consolidate our environmental data collection to run from April to April going forward.

This report therefore updates the information provided in April 2012 and includes our environmental performance from April 2012 to March 2013.

enviromental policy

We have a strong commitment to the environment and high expectations of our employees. This is set out in our Group environmental policy statement.

We recognise that our operations impact the environment:

  • directly, through our buildings and business travel in the UK and overseas
  • indirectly, through our investment assets
  • indirectly through our supply chain.

We have measured our direct environmental impacts for over ten years, focusing on energy, transport, water and waste, as well as addressing the risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

To do this, we operate certified environmental management systems (EMS) covering the areas where we can make a difference:

  • UK facilities
  • UK procurement
  • Legal & General Property.

We were one of the first financial services companies to become certified to ISO 14001 and this programme has expanded to cover our supply chain and property investments.

We don’t offset our impacts or make claims of ‘carbon neutrality’. Instead, our priority is to actually reduce our impacts.

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Energy per UK employee and per UK policy includes UK occupied offices, Suffolk Life (occupied properties), Legal & General Surveying Services and Estate Agency Franchising offices (including voids).

CO2 (UK occupied properties) per employee1






Car based business miles per UK policy






Waste to landfill per UK employee (kgs)






Estimated water per UK employee (CuM)







Our strategy remains to reduce year-on-year use of resources to run our business. Our focus for environmental targets includes:

  • Further reduction of Group Operations CO2 emissions
  • UK waste reductions
  • Reductions in energy use in our commercial property portfolio
  • Reduce UK paper use and increase the online servicing of our customers from current level of 2.7%.

You can read more details in the environmental efficiency 2012 section of our Corporate Responsibility Report 2012.


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